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Medical orthopedic Splint

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[Product Name] Medical Polymer Splint

[Specifications and models] Width (2.5-50) cm x Length (10-1000) cm. Specific specifications can be found in single package.

[Production License]Xu 20080036, Yushi Pharmaceutical Supervision Equipment Production

[Product Record Certificate Number]Yuchang Equipment No. 20170073

[Structure and Composition] Medical polymer splint is made of nonwovens covered with glass fibre and polyurethane.

[Scope of application] For external fixation of fracture.

[Taboos] There is no absolute taboo.

[Method of Use]

1. According to the specific situation of the affected department, choose the appropriate size of medical polymer splint.

2. Open the packaging bag, take out the medical polymer splint, and pour appropriate amount of normal temperature (20-25 C) water into the middle of the splint to make the middle material of the splint fully contact with water.

3. Extrude or use a towel to remove excess moisture.

4. Place the inner thick non-woven cotton layer of medical polymer splint close to the skin on the fixed part, and shape it according to the need. Use gauze bandage or elastic bandage to wrap and fix, the elasticity is suitable.

5. Operation should be completed within 3-5 minutes. The affected part can not move freely within 20 minutes before hardening of splint, and can bear weight after 30 minutes.

6. When the affected part needs external fixation has skin injury or needs longer operation time, the splint can be fixed directly without wet water. After wrapping and fixing with gauze bandage or elastic bandage, appropriate amount of water can be sprayed on the thin outer layer to accelerate the hardening speed.

7. The medical polymer splint can be easily removed by cutting the gauze bandage or elastic bandage.

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