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Macromolecular fixation bandage

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[Product Name] Polymer Fixed Bandage

[Specifications and models] Width (2.5-50) cm x Length (10-1000) cm. Specific specifications can be found in single package.

[Production License]Xu 20080036, Yushi Pharmaceutical Supervision Equipment Production

[Product Record Certificate Number]Yuchang Equipment No。 20170074

[Structure and Composition] It is made of fiberglass woven fabric coated with polyurethane adhesive.

[Scope of application] It is used to provide binding force for wound dressing or limbs to play a binding and fixing role。

[Taboos] There is no absolute taboo.

[Method of Use]

1。 Wrap 1-2 layers of gauze or cotton sheath around the fixed part of the patient。

2。 Operators must wear protective gloves to prevent polyurethane compounds from adhering to the skin。

3. Select the appropriate size of the fixed polymer bandage, open it and immerse it in the water at room temperature (20-25 degrees C) for 5-10 seconds, and extrude it 3-4 times. Remove excess moisture after removal.

4. A screw-wound polymer fixed bandage is required. The width of the latter layer covering the former layer is suitable for tightness.

5。 Unsupported part winding 3-4 layers, supporting part winding 5-6 layers。

6. Shaping should be completed in 3-5 minutes according to the need, otherwise it will harden and cannot be further shaping.

7. After fixing for 20-30 minutes, it can bear the weight completely.

8. Remove the fixed bandage of macromolecule and use gypsum saw or special saw.

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