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Disposable central venous catheter care kit

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[product name] single use central venous catheter care kit


[Specification model] Type I (care type)


[Registered Name] Henan Jianqi Medical Devices Co., Ltd.


[Accommodation]Dingyu Industrial Zone, Changyi County, Henan Province


[Contact Phone]0373-8690789


[After-sales unit] Henan Jianqi Medical Equipment Sales Co。, Ltd。


[Production company name] Henan Jianqi Medical Devices Co。, Ltd。


[Accommodation]Dingyu Industrial Zone, Changyi County, Henan Province


[Production Address] Dingshu Industrial Zone, Changyi County, Henan Province


[Contact Information]0373-8690789


[Production License] Yu Food and Drug Administration Production No。 20080036


[Registration certificate number] Henan machinery standard 20182140789


[Technical requirements number] Yushu injection standard 20182140789

[Structure and composition] Basic configuration: disposable medical syringe, medical absorbent gauze block; optional configuration: medical cotton swab, medical cotton ball, medical paraffin cotton ball, medical alcohol cotton ball, medical iodophor cotton ball, medical iodophor Cotton swabs, PE inspection gloves, medical absorbent gauze pads, disposable surgical gowns, disposable medical rubber gauze gloves, disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves, disposable treatment towels, disposable singles, disposable holes Towels, disposable medical pads, disposable masks, disposable caps, medical infusion stickers, self-adhesive wound pads, breathable tapes, medical nonwoven dressings, disposable bundling tourniquets, threaded sutures, Aseptic plastic handle scalpel, disinfection brush, medical file, surgical scissors, paper ruler, medicine cup, stop clip, tray, cloth, small bowl.


[Scope of application] This product is suitable for clinical maintenance of central venous catheters through peripheral veins。


[Contraindications] There are no absolute contraindications.



1. This product is a one-time item, the package is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to use, and destroyed after use;


2. The production batch number and expiration date can be found in the packaging seal or label. The sterilization date is shown in the outer packaging box;


3. This product is intended for use by physicians and personnel who have been trained in relevant knowledge and technology.


[Usage method]

1. Make sure the outer packaging is intact and open the package;


2, take out the main accessories, use a medicinal syringe for dispensing;


3. The remaining accessories can be taken out and used according to the clinical operation needs;


4. After the product is finished, it should be treated as medical waste to avoid pollution.


[Storage method]

1. This product is used for loading and transporting the compartments and cabins with awnings, and keep them clean. No heavy pressure, direct sunlight, rain or snow immersion;


2. Handle gently during handling to avoid violent collisions;


3. This product should be stored in an environment away from fire, relative humidity not exceeding 80%, non-corrosive gas and well ventilated and clean environment.

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