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disposable caps

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Use a hat at once.

[specification model] chicken cap, flat cap, and tie cap.

[name of registrant] henan jianqi medical equipment co. LTD.

The dingluan industrial zone in changyuan county.

[contact number] 0373-8690789.

[after-sales service unit] henan jianqi medical equipment sales co。, LTD。

[name of production enterprise] henan jianqi medical equipment co., LTD.

The dingluan industrial zone in changyuan county.

[production address] dingluan industrial zone, changyuan county.

[contact information] 0373-8690789.

[production license] the food and drug regulatory apparatus is permitted to be made in 20080036.

[registration certificate no.] yu ordnance mark 20172640055.

[technical requirements no.] yu ordnance mark 20172640055.

[structure and composition] this product is made of non-woven fabric.

1. The hat should be free of mildew, no damage, no stain and no impurity; The sewn hat should be sewn firmly, the needle code is uniform, straight, no crease, no jump needle, open line, leak phenomenon; The hat made of hot pressure should be straight, no crease, no jump needle, leakage. 2. The non-woven booker should not be less than 20g/m2; The longitudinal fracture strength should be greater than or equal to 13N, and the transverse fracture strength should be greater than or equal to 8N. 3. No less than 24 stitches per 10cm. 4. The hat fracture strength made by hot pressure should not be less than 5N. 5. Elastic elongation ratio should be 1:2.2-1:3. The elastic recovery rate should be 75.0%. 6. The suture line should not show strong blue fluorescence when testing A test in appendix D of YY 0594-2006 standard. The total amount of soluble in water should not exceed 0.50%. 7. Single line fracture strength should be no less than 560cN/50cm. Hats should be sterile. 9. The cap is sterilized by ethylene oxide and its epoxy ethane residue should not exceed 10 mu g/g.

[scope of application] applicable to health care workers and patients for health protection.

There is no absolute contraindication.

1. This product is a disposable product, which is damaged in packaging and is strictly prohibited to be used and destroyed after use.

2. See packaging seal or label on the production batch number, and the sterilization date is in the outer packing box.

3. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide.

[use method] 1. Select the applicable specifications and model, and then open the package after the outer packing is in good condition.

2. Tidy up your hair and put your hat on your head.

3。 If you wear a hat and open a hat and put it on the head, you can tie the two caps together。

4. After the product is finished, it should be treated according to medical waste, so as not to cause pollution.

[storage method] 1. This product is used in the carriage and hold of the cabins, and is kept clean, without pressure, sunshine and rain and snow.

2. Handle gently in handling and avoid violent collision;

3。 The product shall be stored away from the fire source, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 80%, without corrosive gas and well-ventilated and clean environment。

[production date] see packaging seal or label.

Expiry date: see packaging seal or label。

[label, package logo]

加强型气管插管 .png

[specification preparation date] February 19, 2017。

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