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disposable suction connect tube component

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[product name] once used to attract connecting tube components.

[specifications and models] 1500mm, 1700mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm。

[name of registrant] henan jianqi medical equipment co. LTD.

Residence: the dingluan industrial zone, changyuan county, henan province.

[contact number] 0373-8690789。

【 after-sales unit 】 henan jianqi medical equipment sales co. LTD.

[name of production enterprise] henan jianqi medical equipment co., LTD.

Residence: the dingluan industrial zone, changyuan county, henan province。

[production address] dingluan industrial zone, changyuan county, henan province.

[contact information] 0373-8690789.

[production license] the food and drug regulatory apparatus is permitted to be made in 20080036.

[registration certificate no.] yu ordnance mark 20182140545.

The main structure and performance are composed of the suction connection tube and the suction head. The suction connection tube consists of a tube body and a joint.

Main technical indexes: 1. The suction head and the side take over surface shall be clean, without impurities, without burrs, without injection molding and extrusion defects; 2. Connection firmness: the connection between the connecting pipe body and the joint shall be firm, and the pipe body and the joint shall not be separated or loosened; The connection between the suction head tube body and the joint shall be strong and the joint shall not be separated or loosened. The suction head and the suction pipe connection should be strong, the pipe body and the joint shall not be separated; 3. Bending resistance: after the test length is folded on the connecting pipe, the pipe should not be discounted, and the ventilation should be smooth. 4. Negative pressure resistance: in (23 + 2) ℃ under 40 kpa pressure for 15 s, the tube body flat flat should not occur. 5. Sealing: the connection of the connecting pipe body and the joint shall be well sealed and no leakage phenomenon; 6. The connection tube components should be sterile; 7. If the connection tube component is sterilized by ethylene oxide, the residual amount of ethylene oxide should not be greater than 10 mu g/g.

[applicable scope] for body surface trauma or incision drainage.

Contraindication: no contraindications.

1。 This product is a disposable product, which is damaged in packaging and is strictly prohibited to be used and destroyed after use。

2。 The production batch number and the expiry date can be seen in the packing seal, and the sterilization date is shown in the packing box。

3。 This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and is sterile for two years。

1. Select the corresponding specification model according to the requirements, unpack the package, and take out the suction pipe;

2。 Connect the suction pipe and the suction drainage device;

3. Fixed the suction head;

4。 Flush the site of the patient's operation or attract the waste liquid under the action of the suction device and the device。

[storage method] 1. This product is used in the carriage and hold of the cabins, and is kept clean, without pressure, sunshine and rain and snow.

2. Handle gently in handling and avoid violent collision;

3。 The product shall be stored away from the fire source, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 80%, without corrosive gas and well-ventilated and clean environment。

[production date] see the packing seal.

Expiry date: see the packing seal.

[label, package logo]

加强型气管插管 .png

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