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endotracheal tube

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[product name] endotracheal intubation.

【 specification 】 2.5 # # #, # 3.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.5, # # #, # 5.0, 5.0, 6.0, 6.5, # # #, # 7.0, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, # # #, # 9.0, 9.0, 9.0

[name of registrant] henan jianqi medical equipment co。 LTD。

The dingluan industrial zone in changyuan county.

[contact number] 0373-8690789.

[after-sales service unit] henan jianqi medical equipment sales co., LTD.

[name of production enterprise] henan jianqi medical equipment co., LTD.

The dingluan industrial zone in changyuan county。

[production address] dingluan industrial zone, changyuan county。

[contact information] 0373-8690789.

[production license] the food and drug regulatory apparatus is permitted to be made in 20080036.

[registration certificate no.] yu ordnance mark 20162660350.

[technical requirements no。]

[structure and composition] consists of endotracheal tube body, inflatable tube, sleeve, joint and filling valve.

[product performance] 1. The tube size shall be in accordance with the provisions of table 1 of yy0337.1-2002; 2. The machine end of the endotracheal intubation joint shall be a 15mm conical head conforming to yy91040-1999. The port should be 3, patient and joint axial into 90 ° + 5 °. 4, should have a 38 ° intubation plus or minus 10 ° incline Angle. 5. The capsule (if any) should be closely connected with the tube body; Any part of the jacket after filling shall not exceed the nearest edge of the inclined plane. 6. The separation point of the capsule inflatable tube (if any) should be in the concave direction of the endotracheal tube; The size of the gas tube shall be in accordance with the provisions of table 1 of yy0337.1-2002; Gas tubes in the separation and tracheal intubation should be less than 45 ° Angle between; The inflatable tube shall have an indication of the balloon and/or other device that can indicate the capsule filling/flattening; When the gas in the pocket is to be released, the gassing tube, the charging valve or any other closing device that is used as a one-way valve should not obstruct its release; The free end of the inflatable tube is either open or sealed with the closing device or the valve, but in any case, it should be compatible with the 6% (ruhr) external conical joint that conforms to GB/ t1962.1-2001. 7. Murphy hole should be located on the opposite side of the inclined plane. 8. The intubation should be sterile. 9. After the sterilization of ethylene oxide, the residual amount of ethylene oxide should not be greater than 10 mu g/g.

[scope] for the establishment of artificial airway in clinical anesthesia or first aid.

[contraindication] laryngeal edema, acute laryngitis, edema of laryngeal mucosa, and severe bleeding caused by intubation, unless first aid, emergency endotracheal intubation.

1. This product is a disposable product, which is damaged in packaging and is strictly prohibited to be used and destroyed after use. 2. The production batch number can be seen in the packing seal or certificate, and the sterilization date is in the outer packing box. 3. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide.

[use method] 1. Select the applicable patient's specifications and model, and then open the package after the outer packing is in good condition.

2. Lie on the back of the patient, check the oral cavity, (remove foreign body and active teeth, and fall without tongue).

3。 Use the laryngoscope to provoke the patient's epiglottis to expose the glottis, and insert the organ intubation on the side of the laryngoscope。

4。 Press the patient's chest with air flow to indicate the success of intubation。

5. After the product is finished, it should be treated with medical waste to avoid pollution.

[storage method] 1。 This product is used in the carriage and hold of the cabins, and is kept clean, without pressure, sunshine and rain and snow。

2. Handle gently in handling and avoid violent collision;

3. The product shall be stored away from the fire source, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 80%, without corrosive gas and well-ventilated and clean environment.

[production date] see the packing seal。

Expiry date: see the packing seal.

[label, package logo]

加强型气管插管 .png

[date of instructions] April 19, 2016。

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