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Golden Autumn Helping School
Release time:2019-08-13 [Back]

In the past two days, affected by the typhoon “Litchma”, the weather continued to rain in many parts of the country, and the weather was particularly cold. However, on the afternoon of August 12, the Jianqi Group meeting room was taking a warm and heart-warming scene.


The Jianqi Group Love Foundation aims to help the poor and support the education. In August, we will organize student donation activities in August. We will enroll new students in the college according to the standards of the Foundation. We hope to pass this. An action to express the concern of the Jianqi Group to all employees, and to make a small contribution to the revitalization of local education.





According to the specific circumstances of the enrolled freshmen, the Foundation will issue 500-1000 yuan of cash per person. The group also grants 500-2000 cash subsidies per person according to the parents' work. As of August 2019, Jianqi Group has been adhering to the charity and learning activities for 7 years, sending care to dozens of students.



Ten years of trees, a hundred years of tree people; Supporting education is our unshirkable responsibility. In the same way, with a good intention to contribute to the healthy growth of the students and to contribute to the development of the local education, Jianqi Company is working hard with practical actions.


As a company specializing in the production and sales of medical devices, Jianqi Group will do its utmost to help these lovely children to fulfill their dreams of studying. In the future, we will also devote ourselves to more public welfare activities, and we will contribute to charity by shouldering the responsibility of giving back to the society.

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